What To Expect

Annual Fundraising Plan

Getting started with us is a 4 step process focused on creating an Annual Fundraising Plan for your ministry. See below to learn more about what the process looks like.



Know where your ministry is right now,

through a strategic assessment and deep dive into past giving data.


Strategic & Financial Goals

Know where you want to go in 1 year,

through setting strategic and financial goals.


If you wish to partner with us to implement your goals, we proceed to step 3. If not, the Fundraising Plan is yours to keep, as well as any additional documents created during evaluation.



Formal Agreement – Typical format is an average of 5 hrs / wk / strategic goal; up to 3 goals / yr.

Why only 3 / yr? – Many reasons, but most importantly to assure your message clearly breaks through to your champions.


Tactics & Timeline

Know how and when your goals will be implemented,

through setting tactics, target dates, and a review process.

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